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Week 2: Updates/Fixes and Future Updates
 SilentRebeI •   7 months ago •  100


     Ok, so these first few weeks after launch have been pretty cool. There were a lot of small bugs and fixes that needed to be implemented, and I wouldn't have found most of them without some players pointing them out to me. I appreciate the help a lot. I plan on implementing many more features and mobs. These are the updates from the last 2 weeks.


  • Added /challenges
  • Added /help 
  • Added "strength" ability to /aa
  • Added elevators 
  • Added EnchantPlus (will be replaced soon, it is buggy with 1.16.4)
  • Added Binding Enchantm...
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Welcome to RebelCraftMC!
 SilentRebeI •   7 months ago •  138


     My name is SilentRebeI, welcome to my Minecraft server. We are a new community with a few staff members. We aim to provide an experience that is similiar to vanilla but provides extra content such as bosses, custom items, minigames, etc. I will be constantly working on updates for the server. These updates will include new items, mobs, minigames, and worlds (such as a dungeon world or boss world). If you have suggestions for any content then feel free to post here. To get ...

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