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IGN: SilentRebeI
5 months ago

Essentials  Commands & Info

/hub -  Return to the Hub of the server. You can also use /spawn.

/bal  - Shows your current balance.

/baltop - Shows the players with the highest balances.

/home - Shows your current homes. You can have multiple homes.

/sethome - Set your location as a new home with a new name.

/tpa - Request to teleport to another player.

/tpahere - Request to teleport a player to you.

/warps - Shows the warps to Creative/Survival/Hub

/enderchest - Opens your enderchest remotely. You can also use /ec

/hat - Use this to put an item on your head.

/ignore - Ignores a player.

/mail - Shows you the mail commands.

/motd - Shows the Message of The Day.

/msg  - Private message a player.

/pay - Give money to another player.

/rules -  Shows the rules for the server.


Lands  Commands & Info

/Lands - Opens the Lands GUI menu.


McMMO  Commands & Info

/mcmmo - Plugin Info.

/mcrank - Shows your current McMMO levels.

/mctop - Shows the McMMO leaderboard.

/[skillname] - Shows details for stats such as acrobatics, axe, sword, etc.

/[skillname] ? - Shows the guide for the skill.

/party - Displays the party options.


Advanced Abilities  Commands & Info

/aa - Opens the Advanced Abilities menu.


Plots  Commands & Info

/plot - Shows the plot help commands.

/plot sethome - Set the respawn point for your plot.

/plot home - Teleport to your main plot.

/plot claim - Claims the current plot you are standing in. Plots cost $50 each.

/plot trust - Trust a player to build on your plot.

/plot merge - Merge two plots that you are looking at.

/plot delete - Delete the plot you are standing in if you own it.

/plot kick - Kick a player from your plot.

/plot visit - Teleport to another player's plot.


WorldEdit  Commands & Info

//wand - Use this so grab the selection wand.

You can visit for more commands.


PerPlayerDungeon  Commands & Info

/otd_pi - Opens the PerPlayerDungeon Menu.

/otd_pi_back - Teleports you out of your Dungeon Instance.


Pose Commands & Info

/sit - Player will sit down.

/lay - Player will lay down.

/swim - Player will perform swim animation.

/wave - Player will wave with hand.

/point - Player will point towards something.

/handshake - Player will shake hands.


MoneyHunters Commands & Info

/mh - Shows the MoneyHunters commands.

/mh stats - Shows your MoneyHunter levels.

/mh jobs - Shows the available jobs that earn you money.


BottledEXP Commands & Info

/bottle - Show the BottledEXP commands.

/bottle store - Store EXP in a bottle to use at a later time.


Website Commands & Info

/register - Use this to create a Forum account from in-game.

/report - Use this to create a report on the forums from in-game.


Store Commands & Info

/buy /donate /store /rank - Show the GUI for the different ranks.


Vote Commands & Info

/Vote - Brings up the GUI for voting. 











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