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IGN: SilentRebeI
5 months ago


     My name is SilentRebeI, welcome to my Minecraft server. We are a new community with a few staff members. We aim to provide an experience that is similiar to vanilla but provides extra content such as bosses, custom items, minigames, etc. I will be constantly working on updates for the server. These updates will include new items, mobs, minigames, and worlds (such as a dungeon world or boss world). If you have suggestions for any content then feel free to post here. To get started, I would recommend taking a look at our command list and our custom content. We also have a Discord which can be found here. Thank you for taking the time to check out the forums/website and I hope to see you in-game.



Once you join the server, you can use your menu item or talk to the pilot labeled 'Survival'. In the Survival world, you can use your McMMO abilities and other passive abilites to kill mobs, earn money, and find rare unique items. Bosses can be found roaming the overworld.


We have a large creative plot world where plays can claim and protect plots. Your plots are protected and you don't need to worry about other players griefing you. Post some of your creations on the forum or in the discord.


We are adding more minigames at this time. For now, we have some kit based PVP arenas. We have Capture the Flag and Castle Rush (a block destroy gamemode). More arenas and gamemodes are being developed, such as hungergames/freeforall/etc, and will be added shortly.




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